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Neutral Server

A strategic initiative to enable data sharing between
Governments and Vehicle Manufacturers


As a member of the OLP Product Management team I led the establishment of a new strategic program from the initial phases to its approval by the product review board.  I worked to identify and unite stakeholders across three business units, balancing their needs and creating an execution plan including procurement, new hiring  and operations budget.

Update June 2019: I’m very pleased to see the announcement of the EU’s 1st neutral server, on HERE’s Open Location Platform.

from the BMW press release:

“In collaboration with the EU Data Task Force set up by the European Commission, the BMW Group, Daimler, Ford, Volvo, HERE Technologies, TomTom and state governments have launched the first pilot of a neutral server to exchange and combine data”

Congratulations to my colleagues at HERE!

Production Team

Mark Pearce
Ahmed Nasr
Jens Landvogt
Mattias Schmitt

A Neutral Server is a multisided environment for the secure exchange of data between entities in both the public and private sector.

It requires specific data formats, standards and policies which have been proposed by the automotive industry and are being considered by governments in the EU.

A neutral server provides nondiscriminatory access to data, forming the foundation of new business activities.

Identified & Aligned

Worked across three business units
to build support and balance needs.

Led Program

Defined program requirements
& developed execution plan.

Presented for
Strategic Review

Took program through formal
“product portfolio review”
by senior leadership (C-Level)

“Approved as presented.”

Created a new strategic program & pilot project with customers of the Automotive & IoT business units.