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Broadcast Companion

2015 | HERE GmbH
Motion Design


These concept videos show a tablet application which is meant to accompany viewing a TV show or movie. It is based on the idea of using meta data for the program which includes information about the filming locations, set design, costumes etc.  As the user watches the program they receive a synchronized stream of information allowing them to get more real world details about the locations seen in the show, and to purchase related products or services, such as booking a reservation at a restaurant, or ordering an outfit worn onscreen.

Production Team

Mark Pearce
Karen Janssen
Karoline Cerny
Elena Rovati
Luigi Frettoloso

Timeline View

For each scene in a film or TV show we display an interactive view of the location currently being watched.  Along the bottom of the tablet you have a row of scene thumbnails with a playback indicator showing the current progress (timecode).  At each scene change the location view updates.

Browse Information

For each scene you can look at relevant information for that location.  This could include e-commerce shops for product placement, restaurant reviews and booking, or historical infomation for a landmark.  Anything relevant to the area and context could be attached as attributes.

Navigation & Explore

It’s possible to browse the locations independantly of the program, so you can explore your favorite films to learn more about the history or buy products that were featured.

Find it on a map

With reverse geo-coding we can show you the location on a map – allowing you to get directions, save the place for later travel, or browse street view imagery.